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Admission Interviews

The Viterbi School conducts admission interviews as part of its application process on campus and around the country.  Interviews are entirely optional, however they give us another opportunity to learn more about you.  Insights into your interests, personality and motivation assist us in making fair admission decisions.

Interviews are not for everyone

Interviews are available to current high school students applying to USC as a freshman, first-year student only.  We do not conduct interviews for students not yet applying or transfer students.  Interview appointments are limited, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis

When to interview

Applicants for Fall 2015 can interview at anytime through our interview season and do not need to have an application on file in order to interview. The on-campus interview season runs from August 1 - November 26, 2014 with interview spots available on a first-come, first-served basis practically every weekday. Off-Campus interviews take place at select locations on specific weekends listed below.  If you are planning on applying for admission, and would like to schedule an on-campus interview please login below with your USCID.

Interviews VS Information Sessions
A number of students often mistake an information session for an interview, and wonder whether to schedule a second one.  Interviews are designed as one-on-one sessions for us to get to know you.  They typically last 20-25 minutes in length and the student does most of the talking.  Info Sessions (like Meet USC) typically last 30-45 minutes and are your chance to learn about USC and the Viterbi School.  At info sessions, the admission representative does most of the talking.  Meet USC sessions are sometimes in small groups, and sometimes it may have just been one-on-one.
If you are unclear whether you have had an admission interview or not, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Off Campus Interviews
We also conduct interviews at a number of locations around the country.  Interviews will be conducted (typically during the weekend) at Off-Campus locations listed below starting in late October through early December.  Spaces are limited - be sure to make an appointment soon if you would like an interview near you.

We expect details of each weekend to be available in early September, 2013.

Boston, MA TBD Available in September
Chicago, IL TBD Available in September
Dallas, TX TBD Available in September
Denver, CO


Available in September
Honolulu, HI TBD Available in September
Houston, TX TBD Available in September
New York, NY TBD Available in September
Phoenix, AZ TBD Available in September
Portland, OR TBD Available in September
Seattle, WA TBD Available in September
San Francisco Bay Area, CA TBD Available in September
Washington, DC TBD Available in September


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