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Materials & Publications  


Materials & Publications

We've got a ton of materials for you.  Magazine, Major Descriptions, Course Outlines and even videos.


Good Reading
>> Viterbi Alumni Magazine
>> Viterbi News
>> Viterbi In the News
>> Dean's Report
>> Illumin: Student Webzine
Feature Videos
>> Viterbi YouTube Page
>> Webisodes: Student Videos
>> USC YouTube Page



Aerospace Engineering

Designing things that move: Airplanes, rockets, satellites, cars, boats, etc.

Related Information & Videos
AE Info Sheet
AE Curriculum
AeroDesign Team Test Flight

Astronautical Engineering

Structures, Systems and vehicles designed for outside of the earth's atmosphere. Rocket Scientists 

Related Information & Videos

ASTE Info Sheet
ASTE Curriculum

Rocket Propulsion Lab

Biomedical Engineering

Living systems and technology (i.e., Biotechnology): medical devices like pacemakers, prosthetics, CAT scans, drug delivery systems, great pre-med major, etc.

Related Information & Videos
BME Info Sheet
BME Curriculum
Dr. Loeb's BION Project
Dr. Mel's Neuron Modeling Research
Dr. Shung's Transducer Research
Dr. Grzywacz's Retina Research

Chemical Engineering

Design large-scale chemical processes like chemical plants, petroleum, and pharmaceuticals, pollution controls; also, nanotechnology, energy, and advanced materials like composites used in automobiles, spacecraft, medical applications, fuel-cells, etc.

Related Information & Videos
CHE Info Sheet
CHE Curriculum
Research Symposium: Stem Cells for Gene Therapy
About the Mork Dept of CHEMS
Dr. Andrea Armani's Biosensor Reseach
Undergraduate Research I
Undergraduate Research II

Civil Engineering

Design and build infrastructure such as buildings, bridges, roads, waste and water treatment, harbors, etc, also cleaning up environmental problems.

Related Information & Videos
CE Info Sheet
CE Curriculum
About the Sonny Astani Dept.

Computer Science & Engineering

Programming, software, also multimedia, artificial intelligence, robotics, video games, etc.

Related Information & Videos
CSCI Info Sheet
CSCI Curriculum
Robotics Demo: Bubblebot
Game Pipe Promo: Artemis Chronicle
Professor Maja Mataric's Socially Assistive Robot
Dr. Wei-Min Shen's Caterpillar
Game Pipe Laboratory

Electrical Engineering

Design electronic devices, circuits, communications, energy, computer hardware, etc.

Related Information & Videos
EE Info Sheet
EE Curriculum
USC Robotics: Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Lecture: The Viterbi Algorithm
History of the Ming Hsieh EE Dept

Environmental Engineering

Improving the world around us through social, political, and scientific means. Solving air, water, noise and soil pollution problems through newer, more effective technology.

Related Information & Videos
ENE Info Sheet
ENE Curriculum
Illumin: Phytoremediation
Tsunami Research Center Simulations

Industrial & Systems Engineering

A technical approach to business that includes applied statistics, simulation, economics, management, etc. ISE also works on improving efficiency and systems of all kinds such as factories, Disneyland queues, rapid prototyping, etc.

Related Information & Videos
ISE Info Sheet
ISE Curriculum
Class Project: 3D Measurement using Wii Controllers
Berok Khoshnevis Contour Crafting Technology

Mechanical Engineering

Design mechanical “Things” of all kinds: engines, gears, robots, rocket components, printers, etc. Anything with a moving part involves ME.

Related Information & Videos

ME Info Sheet
ME Curriculum

AME 101 Spaghetti Bridge Competion



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