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Viterbi Newswire 3/06/06


Maria Yang Wins NSF Career Award

Ellis Meng Wins NSF Career Award

Between Moore's Law and a Hard Place
In the Dept. of Computer Science centennial lecture, Stanford University's charismatic president John Hennessy says Moore's Law has
hit a slippery patch.

A Legend Draws an Overflow Crowd

In the Dept. of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering centennial  lecture, Rudolf Kalman says science proceeds by mathematics.

The Grand Challenge of the 21st Century

In the Mork Family Dept. centennial lecture, Franklin "Lynn" Orr says  new energy resources are needed to reduce greenhouse gases.

Sol Golomb Honored by USC Hillel

Firdaus Udwadia Wins First Ever ASCE Outstanding Tech Award

Kids Talk to Computers
Shri Narayanan wins IEEE Signal Processing best paper award for  research on a system allowing children to talk to computers.

The MIT of Singapore
Singapore's Nanyang University tours the Viterbi School.

McNeil-Lehrer Productions Partners with IMSC
IMSC will use 3D, immersive sound and even haptics to expand the  vocabulary of journalism.

AI + SF = CS 499
Viterbi School faculty will employ science fiction in a new computer  science artificial intelligence class for undergraduates to be
offered this fall.

Nanotubes to Go
Chongwu Zhou's techniques to create arrays of carbon nanotubes could  lead to the next generation of computing and sensing devices

Complicating to Simplify
Firdaus Udwadia skirts a 225-year-old paradox with a new twist on  classical mechanics.

Two IMSC Student Teams Advance
Media streaming specialists negotiate opening rounds of two national  competitions.

World Water Forum
Civil engineering students receive grants for water projects.

An article in Scientific American highlight's ISI's Machine  translation research.

L.A. Times business columnist Michael Hiltzik reports on the Viterbi  School's Information Sciences Institute plans for corporate funded