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Viterbi Newswire 4/12/06


Alumnus Ken Klein, BS BMEE ’82, donates $8 million to establish the Klein Institute for Undergraduate Engineering Life.
During the special 28th annual Engineering Awards Luncheon, coinciding with 100 years of engineering at USC, President Steven B. Sample received a special Centennial Medalion.


Dean Yannis Yortsos and graduate student Amit Desai were featured in a March 30 national NBC-TV news story on the contributions of high-tech immigrants.
The Bent of Tau Beta Pi profiles USC Viterbi School namesake Andrew Viterbi, calling him “The Quiet Genius.”
She credits Associate Dean Louise Yates and Prof. Maged Dessouky for much of her success.
Computer scientist Maja Mataric comments in the New York Times on what kind of emotions people want to see in robots.
The Daily Breeze  and local L.A. TV cover Viterbi School’s Milind Tambe and Nathan Schurr and their efforts to model disasters.



The assistant professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering becomes the fourth Viterbi School young faculty this year to receive the $400,000 award.
Biomedical engineer Theodore Berger receives a Creativity in Research award and electrical engineer Hans Kuehl is honored with a Lifetime Achievement award.
Behrokh Khoshnevis’ contour crafting process is in the Modern Marvels Invent Now Challenge.
What would a tiny flying machine look like?  Viterbi School aerospace engineers turn to nature for the answer.
Computer scientist Cyrus Shahabi receives support for his research in advanced geographic visualization and data management.
Two of Prof. Terry Langdon’s students win the top two honors at the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society annual meeting.
Representatives from the center’s 31 industrial and government partners come to USC for three-day conference.


Prof. Toby Berger from the University of Virginia delivers the fourth annual Viterbi Lecture and the Viterbi School’s sixth centennial lecture.
For the Department of Biomedical Engineering’s centennial lecture, NIH’s Roderic Pettigrew explores the merging of engineering and biology.
G. Wayne Clough, president of the Georgia Tech keynotes the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Centennial Lecture.
Elaine Chew of the Daniel J. Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering brings renowned French musical researcher and computer scientist Gerard Assayag for three days of presentations.
Legendary astronaut Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin shares his vision of the future of space exploration in the Astronautics Division centennial lecture.
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