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Viterbi Newswire 8/19/2008

VITERBI NEWSWIRE - August 19, 2008

The beginning of the Fall Semester is just around the corner, but summer hasn't been all vacation at the Viterbi School of Engineering.
Here are some highlights.

  • ECA funds Mork Department natural Gas extraction research
  • Alan Willner and Hsieh Department grad student win HP Innovation Research Award
  • Viterbi School specialists apply Viterbi algorithm to quantum communication
  • BME faculty team with physicians in $2.4 million sickle cell anemia research effort
  • ISI Experts will structure data for major national study of epidemiological genetics
  • Hsieh Department's Vijay Kumar wins "Best Algorithm" Award at Sensornet Conference
  • Yong Chen brings best paper back to Epstein Department from ASME gathering
  • Viterbi computer science student: BS, 2007; Olympic gold 2008
  • Postcards from Rome: Students share their impressions of the eternal city
  • IIT Kharagpur visitors will take fond L.A. memories back to India
  • Viterbi MESA summer program polishes K-12 science teacher skills
  • Q&A with Mork Department's Priya Vashishta on technical education and national defense.