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National and International Honors

External Awards: Advanced Career and Early Career – With the exception of the award categories shown in the bulleted list below, awards falling under the external, national and international awards category are developed and submitted by the faculty office for external, national and international awards, occasionally in collaboration with the USC President's, Provost's or other offices or schools. 

Exceptions (these applications/nominations developed and submitted by faculty candidates and/or departments):

  • Research grant proposals or CAREER, PECASE, other federal grant applications (developed and submitted by faculty candidates)
  • Regional or local society award nominations (developed and submitted by faculty candidates/department and/or outside colleagues)
  • Most fellow or other membership-level nominations (coordinated by nominee department and/or outside colleagues; but AAAS Fellow nominations may be solicited/produced by faculty external awards office in collaboration with others)
  • Early Career Research Grants, e.g. CAREER, PECASE, ONR, USAF and other grant applications
    (Applications produced by faculty applicants) Deadlines: various
  • Other Research Grant Applications - all other career stages, e.g. NSF PAESMEM & other NSF grants, DARPA, etc.
  • Professional Society Fellow Nominations, e.g. IEEE, ASME, IIE, ASCE, ACM, SPIE, AIChE, etc.(Coordinated/produced by departments/fellow candidates/external peer groups) Deadlines: various
  • Regional, Best Paper and Other Local Academic Community Awards (Nominations developed/submitted by faculty candidates/departments)

Academy Member Nominations, e.g. AMACAD, IOM, NAE, NAS etc.
(Nominations coordinated/produced by members-only committees) Deadlines: year-round

Other Awards of the U.S. Academies (see above orgs), e.g. NSF Waterman Award, Lemelson-MIT awards, , various NAE awards, etc. (Produced by faculty external awards office in collab with nominees and occasionally in collab. w/Univ. Admin. Deadlines: year-round

Independent Foundation Awards, e.g. Kavli, Inamori, Millennium Technology Prize, BBVA, Dan David Prize, etc.
(Nominations produced by faculty external awards office in collaboration with nominees and occasionally in collab. with Univ. admin.) Deadlines: year-round

Fellowships, e.g. Guggenheim, Humboldt, NAS Jefferson Science, Packard, Sloan, etc.
(Applications produced by faculty external awards office in collab. with faculty applicants with exception of Packard, Sloan; these administered by University as they are institutionally limited) Deadlines: various

Top Professional Society Awards, e.g. IEEE Medals, AAAI, ACM, ASEE, AAAS, IIE, OSA, SPIE, SPE, and all top awards for all major engineering and multi-disciplinary societies. (Nominations produced by faculty external awards office in collaboration with candidates/external sources.) Deadlines: year-round

MIT Technology Review TR35
(Nominations produced/submitted by Stevens Inst. in collaboration with faculty external awards office and nominees) Deadline: varies - usually late Feb.