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Mission Science

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The USC Viterbi School of Engineering in partnership with USC's Neighborhood Outreach offers an exciting program for community children and their families. Students can tinker with things and ideas, and learn about science in an informal atmosphere by working on projects, experiments and activities.
The fundamental purposes of Mission Science are to:


  • Reinforce children's natural curiosity about their world and how things work
  • Develop Curriculum that helps educators instill an excitement about science and technology
  • Offer "hands-on" exhibits, demonstrations, projects and experiments (click here for a partial list of Mission Science projects)
  • Provide a real workshop, with tools and work tables
  • Develop critical thinking through the successes and failures of scientific experiments
  • Build self-esteem through success
  • Inspire students to pursue careers in Science, Technology Engineering and Math (STEM): Roots to STEM


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