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This repository of USC Viterbi School of Engineering Faculty publications is no longer updated as of 2013.

USC Viterbi faculty publications in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings are prolific, wide-ranging and novel. Below is a list of their 50 most recent publications. Please visit our searchable archive for more.  

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Publication Title Aquaporin-4 immunoreactivity in Müller and amacrine cells of marine teleost fish retina
Jounal Title (none given)
Volume 1432
Issue (none given)
Page Numbers pp. 46-55
Status Published
Publication DateJan 2012
Authors Hombrebueno, J.; Lee, E.; Martínez-Ruiz, N.; García-Alcázar, A.; Grzywacz, Norberto; De Juan, J.
Editors (none given)
Publisher Brain Res.
Abstract (none given)

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