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Thomas Anthony


Present position as Director of the USC Aviation Safety and Security Program since January 2007. Instructor in Aviation Safety Management Systems, Aircraft Accident Investigations, SMS for Managers, and Aviation Security courses.

Aviation Consultant to DMJM H&N, AECOM Technology Corporation. Serves as a consultant for the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in Aviation Security. Conducted training in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Auckland, New Zealand for ICAO. Prior to appointment as Director, served as a staff instructor for the U.S.C Safety and Security Program.

Served as the Federal Security Director of the Palm Springs International , Yuma International, and Imperial County Airports. Retired from Federal Service in 2005.

Served as the FAA Regional Division Manager for Civil Aviation Security in the Western Pacific Region. This domestic area of responsibility included the commercial airports in California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, and the Pacific Territories. Directed the  regulatory compliance activities of airports, air carriers, and indirect air carriers to include conducting inspections and tests, the review of inspection records and Enforcement Investigative Reports, and participation in the review of air carrier standard security program amendments. 

Directed emergency security response to 9/11 attacks and provided investigative efforts of aviation activities of the hijackers. Served as the FAA point of contact and provided investigative assistance in the al Qaeda, Ahmed Ressam Borderbomb case.

As FAA Division Manager for Civil Aviation Security, managed and directed assessments and inspections of U. S. registered aircraft operators, foreign registered aircraft operators, and international airports throughout the Pacific and Asia areas. I participated in the writing and review of international assessment reports for compliance with federal regulations and ICAO standards and recommended practices.

Served as the Assistant Regional Division Manager of the FAA Civil Aviation Security Division in the Western Pacific Region. Participated in the investigation and security response to the al Qaeda threat against U.S. air carriers throughout Asia known as The Bojinka Plot by Ramzi Yousef. Drafted and implemented emergency aviation security regulations to prevent the transportation of PCP by air (Security Directive 94-07). Implemented emergency regulations throughout the region in response to the Unibomber emergency.

Directed FAA investigative efforts concerning Suspected Unapproved Parts for aircraft. Participated in federal task force investigations and prosecutions. Drafted training material for FAA Aviation Safety Inspectors concerning the investigation of Suspected Unapproved Parts cases.

Served as the Manager of the FAA Investigations Branch in Washington, D.C. This position had the responsibility for investigative program guidance for FAA investigative policy and procedures nationwide. Additionally, this position had the responsibility for the conduct of investigations of headquarters based organizations, individuals, contractors and for national high-profile cases.

Served as the program manager for FAA Civil Aviation Security training in FAA Headquarters, Washington, D.C. Developed standardized training for all FAA agents on investigative procedures and hazardous materials compliance. Developed a common reporting format of investigative results for use in both regulatory compliance cases as well as internal investigative cases.

From 1980 through 1987 served in management, supervisory, and journeyman positions in the Air Traffic Division of the FAA in four facilities throughout the Western Pacific Region. My final position before transferring to FAA security was that of Air Traffic Manager of the Arcata and Crescent City Flight Service Stations in Northern California.

Prior to joining the FAA in 1980, served as a secondary school instructor in Southern California. Graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1970.


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