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Threat and Error Management Development

Course Description:

Threat and Error Management (TEM) Development is being implemented by operators throughout the world.  This course is designed to train those who wish to develop and teach a TEM course within their own organizations.  Taught by a leader in TEM development, this course provides an applied, practical approach to explaining TEM principles.  Attendees will gain sufficient knowledge to customize a TEM course within their respective organizations.

The course begins with an introduction to "threats," which are those things that can increase operational complexity and if not handled properly, can decrease safety margins.  Flight operations examples include black hole non-precision approaches, white out conditions and low light conditions, icing, improper use of automation, weather, terrain, mechanical malfunctions and distractions.  Maintenance examples are fatigue, poor lighting, unclear work directives, time pressures and uncompleted work that is handed over to another shift.  Examples pertaining to cabin crew members are cabin fires — both hidden and overt, command interruptions, disruptive passengers, rushing and malfunctioning cabin equipment.

Objectives:  To provide class participants with sufficient knowledge to develop a TEM course within their respective organizations.

Who Should Attend:  This course has been carefully designed to appeal to those who are responsible for developing a Threat and Error Management program within their organization.  It will also provide a detailed understanding of TEM to those who, while not actively developing TEM courseware, wish to improve their professional skills through greater knowledge of TEM.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Threats and Errors
    • Threats and Threat Recognition
    • Error Avoidance and Trapping
  2. ABCD's of Threat and Error Management
    • Assessing Threats and Acknowledging Errors
    • Barriers to Error and How to Effectively Build Them
    • Communications and its Relationship to Threat and Error Management
    • Distraction and Interruption Management
    • SOPs and Their Role in Threat and Error Management
    • Sensibility Check and Ensuring Situational Awareness
  3. Case Studies and Class Exercises
  4. TEM Applied to All Divisions Within an Organization
  5. TEM Toolkit for Incident and Accident Analysis
  6. TEM Applied to Automated Aircraft
  7. TEM as an Integral Part of a Safety Management System (SMS)

Course Duration:  2.5 Days

Tuition: $1250 (July 2016 - June 2018)

Dates Course No.
12 - 14 Apr. 2017 TEM 17-3
6 - 8 Sept. 2017 TEM 18-1
17 - 19 Jan. 2018 TEM 18-2
26 - 28 Mar. 2018 TEM 18-3

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