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Aude Billard

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Adjunct Assistant Professor of Computer Science



My research interests span the control and design of robotic systems meant to interact with humans. To this goal, I pursue research in three complementary areas: a) the development of control systems for teaching robots through human demonstration; b) the study of the neural and cognitive processes underpinning imitation learning in humans; c) the design of user-friendly human-computer interfaces to facilitate human-robot interaction. Additionally, I conduct research on societal aspects of the use of robotics with application to diagnosis and therapy of children with autism. My competences are in robot control, signal processing and machine learning. These are fundamental to the research I pursue and the core elements of my teaching.

Research Summary

machine learning, neural modeling, humanoid robotics, human-robot interaction, computational neuroscience

  • Computer Science

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  • billard@usc.edu


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