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Kai Hwang

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Professor of Electrical Engineering-Systems and Computer Science


  • 1969, Master's Degree, Electrical Engineering, University of Hawaii
  • 1966, Bachelor's Degree, Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University
  • Doctoral Degree, Electrical Engineering, University of California - Berkeley


Kai Hwang is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Director of Laboratory for Internet and Cloud Computing at the University of Southern California (USC). He received the Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley in 1972. Prior to joining USC in 1985, he has taught at Purdue University over 10 years. He has served as a visiting chair professor during his sabbatical visits of University of Minnesota (1989), National Taiwan University (1992), and University of Hong Kong (1996-99). At present, he also serves as an EMC-endowed visiting professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China.
He has authored or coauthored 8 books and over 210 scientific papers in refereed journals, conferences, and book chapters. Most of his 75 Journal papers appeared in leading IEEE or ACM publications, including the TC, TPDS, TKDE, TDSC, TSE, Computer Magazine, Internet Computing, JACM, etc. His 4 books on Computer Architecture (1983, 1993), Computer Arithmetic (1978), and Scalable Parallel Computing (1998) were adopted worldwide and translated into Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean from the English editions. He has also co-edited the Book Series of Annual Reviews in Scalable Computing (1999-present) and Parallel Processing for Supercomputers and Artificial Intelligence (1989). His new book on Parallel and Distributed Computing: from Clusters/MPPs to Grids/P2P/Clouds will appear in 2011.
Dr. Hwang was awarded the IEEE Fellow in 1986 for making significant contributions in computer architecture, digital arithmetic, and parallel processing. He has served as a distinguished visitor of IEEE Computer Society. He received the very first Outstanding Achievement Award in 2004 from China Computer Federation for his leadership roles in advanced research and higher education on high-performance computer systems and Internet technology. He is the founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing. He has also served the Editorial Board of IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed System and of the International Journal of High-Performance Computing and Networking.
He has supervised the completion of 21 Ph.D. theses at USC and Purdue in computer science and computer engineering. His former Ph.D. students serve mostly as academic leaders, chief scientists, or research managers at top research Universities and major high-tech companies in US, China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc. Among them, D. K Panda, J. Ghosh, and L. Ni were elected IEEE Fellows and J. Xu is an IBM Fellow. Dr. Hwang has lectured worldwide and performed advisory work for IBM Fishkill, Intel Scalable System Division, MIT Lincoln Lab., ETL in Japan, Chinese Academy of Sciences, GMD in Germany, and INRIA in France.

Research Summary

He has chaired numerous ACM/IEEE International Conferences and delivered over 30 keynote addresses in major IEEE/ACM Conferences (IPDPS, ICDCS, HPCA, ISCA, ICPP, HPCC, NAS, SCC, etc.) Dr. Hwang has received numerous research grants from the NSF, ONR, AFOSR, IBM, AT&T, MIT Lincoln Lab, Hong Kong Research Council etc. As a Principal Investigator, he has led the NSF/ITR $2 M grant on Grid security. His research contributions cover the areas of scalable multiprocessors, distributed RAID for clusters, multicore processors, trust management, grid job scheduling, P2P reputation systems, distributed intrusion detection systems, benchmark evaluation of supercomputers, cloud computing, virtualization support, and Internet worm containment, etc.


  • 1986 IEEE Computer Society IEEE Fellow
  • 1994 Chinese Computer Association in Southern California Academic Achievement Award
  • 1995 University of Hong Kong Endow Visiting Chair Professorship
  • 1996 Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing and Applications Outstandang Achievement Award
  • 1996 IEEE Int'l Conf. on Parallel and Distributed Processsing Techniques and Applications (PDPTA) Outstanding Achievement Award
  • 2002 IEEE Int'l Conf. on Parallel and Distributed Applications and Techniques (PDCAT) Outstanding Contribution Award
  • 2004 China Computer Federation, Beijing, China Oversea Outstanding Achievement Award
  • 2008 Tsinghua University, China EMC-Endowed Visiting Chair Professorship
  • 2010 Tsinghua University IV-endowed Visiting Chief Chair Professor
  • 2011 USC Web Site Faculty Distinction : Top 20 most cited faculty researchers at USC
  • 2011 IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Symposium (IPDPS-2011) IEEE IPDPS Founder's Award for pioneering contributions to parallel processing
  • 2012 IEEE Internation Conference on Cloud Computing and Technology Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 2012 IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing (IPDPS) Outstanding Achievemet Award
  • Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering - Systems
  • Computer Science

  • EEB 212
  • Hughes Aircraft Electrical Engineering Center
  • 3740 McClintock Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90089
  • USC Mail Code: 2562

Contact Information
  • (213) 740-4470
  • kaihwang@usc.edu


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