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November 2015
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USC Viterbi celebrates 10th anniversary of Mork family naming gift, uniting three disciplines
An Aviator With Her Feet on the Ground
U.S. army aviator, Iraq war veteran and PhD student on breaking barriers and bringing hope
Improved Robot Communication - While the Building's on Fire
USC Viterbi researchers are developing a wireless network for robots to autonomously communicate and work together, amid potential disaster areas
Happy Diwali 2015
From Dean Yannis C. Yortsos and the USC Viterbi School of Engineering
Two Officers, Two Nations, One Mission
Army captain and graduate student recounts an unlikely friendship and one mission that defined him in the Afghanistan War
Startup Companies That Care
The Min family's recent gift to USC Viterbi will establish a student business plan competition to fund startups with a socially assistive bent.
The Man With The X-Ray Eyes
Iraj Ershagji unlocks earth's hidden treasures
Engineering, Science and Technology For All
USC Viterbi co-hosts 2015 HENAAC Conference highlighting achievements of Hispanic engineers to increase engineering talent pipeline
Passionate About Polymers
Malancha Gupta's research on polymer coatings could one day improve biomedical devices, textiles and membranes
Lighting the Way
How materials science alumnus Kushant Uppal brought light to the rural world
The Huffington Post: 7 Reasons Young Women Shouldn't Be Deterred From Science and Engineering Careers
Op-ed by Dean Yortsos to encourage more young women to pursue STEM careers.
So You Drive a Prius - What Does That Say About You?
ISI Psychologist Nicole Sintov wants to know what influences consumers' decisions to purchase electric cars.
New Kids On The Block
A former university president; a retired Northrop Grumman CTO; a Cambridge scholar; and a global robotics leader join USC Viterbi as senior faculty.
A Modern-Day Ada Lovelace
CS senior channels spirit and innovation of founding figure in the history of computing
Mr. Freeway turns 100
A USC engineering alumnus looks back on his legacy and the roads he built that defined our American Century
How Facebook Manages Billions of Photos
Wyatt Lloyd wants to optimize photo storage and delivery on the largest social media platform.
Bionic Hands For Syria
USC Viterbi 3D printing club links a chain of hands from Los Angeles to Syria and Haiti by way of Baltimore
Girls wield lasers at USC Viterbi "Introduce a Girl to Photonics" event
To celebrate IYL2015, Professor Andrea Armani and her students organized campus outreach event part of "International Introduce a Girl to Photonics Week"
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