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September 2015
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Chair of Diversity Committee of the Engineering Deans Council Discusses Consortium to Foster Diversity
Tackling Concussions
BIRS, the promising startup that recently won the Maseeh Entrepreneurship Prize Competition, leverages proprietary eye-tracking software to provide a quick and objective concussion assessment test
Developing Data Center Infrastructures for Cloud Computing
Minlan Yu, a recent recipient of the NSF CAREER award, redefines the cloud computing industry
Unveiling The Next MacGyver
Five winning show ideas enter the world of TV development
Risky Business
David Kempe analyzes the tradeoffs in aligning the goals of crowdsourcing applications and the goals of its users through incentives
Small Heart Beats
Jerry Loeb and his team have created the first fetal micro pacemaker that can be implanted in utero
A Summit of Courage
Alumnus Kuntal Joisher survives a deadly avalanche on Mount Everest
Resourceful Camp-servation
Twenty gifted high school students who attended USC Chevron Summer Camp learned about energy resources and more
Finding Nano
Doctoral student Kun Yue to examine how nanotechnology can treat
neurological disorders
The Peaks and Valleys of Silicon
Team of USC Viterbi School of Engineering Researchers Introduce New Layered Semiconducting Materials as Silicon Alternative
Real World Mathematics
USC Viterbi hosts an applied mathematics workshop for high-school teachers
Building a microscope for USC's stem cell research center
Undergraduates build specialized microscope that produces 3D images of pea-sized biological samples
Researching The Future
USC Viterbi offers a summer research program for high school students
Diving In
Ph.D. student Stephanie Kemna conducts research on autonomous underwater vehicles
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