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Fall 2016
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Geoff Spedding, PhD

Professor and Chair, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Eva Kanso Awarded $1M NSF INSPIRE Grant
In collaboration with the University of Hawaii, Associate Professors Kanso and Provost Professor Fraser will study the fluid dynamics of the bacteria-host association and the mechanical environment in symbiosis.
Hyperloop Team Prepares for SpaceX Competition
The USC Hyperloop team hopes to make their pod design a reality.
Alumni Helping SpaceX go to Mars
Their journey to SpaceX and what it's like to work on advanced spacecraft with the goal of enabling human life on Mars.
The Escape of Bogdan Marcu
Alumnus Bogdan Marcu discusses his journey from behind the Iron Curtain to the frontiers of space.
Riding on a Rocket
Student founded start-up introduces rocket technology to skateboarding.
Terry Langdon Receives Honorary Doctorate
Professor Emeritus Terry Langdon received an honorary Doctor of Science degree from Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University.
Larry Redekopp Honored at Symposium
Professor Redekopp's contributions to the field of stratified flows was honored at the International Symposium on Stratified Flows.
Summer Mentorship Program Completes Inaugural Session
Viterbi and STEM nonprofit Base 11 partnered to provide community college students AME internships.
2016 USC Viterbi Valedictorian Mechanical Engineering Major, Aduragbemi Jibodu
Graduating mechanical engineering major Aduragbemi Jibodu addresses the Viterbi graduating class.
Student Profile: Enrique Olivas
Olivas discusses how the Center for Engineering Diversity's Summer Institute prepared him for a successful four years at USC and beyond.
Bo Jin Awarded Medallion of Honor
Gill Composites Center's senior PhD candidate Bo Jin received the 2016 USC Medallion of Honor.
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