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Fall 2016
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Mike Gruntman, PhD

Azad Madni Honored by Boeing
During their 100th anniversary, Boeing awarded Professor Azad Madni with a Lifetime Contributions Award and a Visionary Systems Engineering Leadership Award.
Rocket Propulsion Lab Shoots for the Stars
Undergraduate engineering rocketeers attempt to break a world record.
Trojan Engineer Explores Pluto's Atmosphere
Alumnus and radio science group manager at JPL, Kamal Oudrhri plays a key role in the New Horizons Radio Science Experiment (REX).
Mike Gruntman Elected Member of IAA
Department Chairman and Professor Mike Gruntman was elected as a full member of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) for outstanding contributions to astronautics and the exploration of space.
Making Launch Affordable
Professor and Microcosm President James Wertz on lowering the cost of space missions.
Hyperloop Team Prepares for SpaceX Competition
USC Hyperloop team, led by ASTE student Alex Declue, hope to make their pod design a reality.
Asteroids on a Collision Course with Earth
Madhu Thangavelu speaks to PBS's SciTech Now about the risk posed by asteroids and comets to earth.
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