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Fall 2017
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Julian A. Domaradzki, PhD

Professor and Chair, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Manufacturing For A Better Tomorrow
The opening of the USC Viterbi Center for Advanced Manufacturing promises to help usher in a new age how things are made.
The AeroDesign Team Turns a Crash into a Victory
The student-led model aircraft team wins first place at the AIAA international Design Build Fly competition.
Senior Design Projects Win Big at AIAA Conference
Senior undergraduate AME Students were awarded first and third place at the AIAA regional Student Paper Conference.
Controlling Hypersonic Airflow
Assistant Professor Ivan Bermejo-Moreno investigates strategies to control air dynamics and reduce stress on aircraft engines.
Mitul Luhar Awarded Air Force Young Investigator Grant
Assistant Professor Mitul Luhar was awarded a $360,000 grant to research turbulence control using porous and patterned surfaces.
Drastically reducing fuel consumption and emissions of commercial aircraft
Gabilan Assistant Professor Alejandra Uranga's work on an MIT/NASA project offers a way to save fuel and reduce emissions via propulsion-airframe integration.
Better, Faster, Smarter: Making Agile Robots
USC Center for Advanced Manufacturing team comes in first at the Agile Robotics for Industrial Automation Competition (ARIAC).
The Best And The Brightest
USC Viterbi alumnus Jung Kian Ng Jung has won a prestigious Rhodes Scholarship and will pursue graduate studies at England's Oxford University.
USC Racing Competes at the 2017 FSAE
USC Racing places 24th at the annual Formula SAE (FSAE) competition, a three-spot improvement from last year, after facing their stiffest competition yet.
The Goldilocks Wing: Popular Airfoil Design Defies Aerodynamic Standards
Professor Spedding's tests on a small (but not too small) sized airfoil yields surprising results in lift.
Rise Of A Leader Engineer
Shana Douglass turns obstacles into opportunities.
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