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Fall 2017
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Julie Higle, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair

Simulating Tuberculosis Epidemics
Assistant Professor Sze-chuan Suen uses computer modeling to influence public health policy
The Sky Was Just the Beginning
Stayce Harris '81 flew 747s and T-38s and commanded 15,000 airmen; now she's the assistant vice chief of staff of the U.S. Air Force
The Engineer With the Heart of a Poet
Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis has made Connected World's list of Top 10 Pioneers in IoT
Rethinking Refugee Camps
Two undergraduates propose a life-saving systems approach to tackle the greatest refugee crisis in modern history
USC hosts International Manufacturing Research Conference 2017
Academia, industry converge for LA-based trifecta of manufacturing research conferences
Manufacturing For a Better Tomorrow
The opening of the USC Viterbi Center for Advanced Manufacturing promises to help usher in a new age how things are made
Nature's Armor: A Lobster Tale
Biological structures may provide insight to prevent and treat sports-related injuries
USC Viterbi Students Find a Common Thread Between Two Tragic Flights
The undergrads receive an ISASI award for a paper on aviation safety
Sen Talks Big Data, Big Decisions at 2016 INFORMS Conference
The professor of Industrial Systems and Engineering delivers a plenary lecture at premier event of operations research and analytics
USC Hosts Conference on Nonconvex Statistical Learning
Cross-disciplinary researchers convene to report on the state of the art of nonconvex statistical learning
'Spectacles Squad' Makes 3-D Printed Eyewear For Local Children
3-D printed projects by students get ready to go from lab to market
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