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Fall 2018
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Lucio Soibelman, PhD

USC Viterbi Announces its 2018 NSF CAREER Award Winners
George Ban-Weiss receives a National Science Foundation's CAREER Award for outstanding, innovative and promising approaches to research.
How Much Water is Used to Fulfill the Energy Needs of the US?
A new study analyzes how much water is used by oil, coal, natural gas, wind and other energy sources.
A Desk That Knows You
Burcin Becerik-Gerber leads an effort to create a smart desk that encourages a healthy and productive work environment.
Is Underground Transit Worse for Your Health?
New study finds higher concentrations of cancer causing agents in entirely underground metro trains.
Air Force Young Investigator Awardees to Advance Machine Learning and 3-D Printed Materials
Qiming Wang received a US Air Force Office of Scientific Research Young Investigator Award.
Meet Celeris, the First Interactive Coastal Wave Modeling Software that Runs Faster than Real-time
While currently available models can take hours to run, this open-source nearshore modeling software runs faster than real-time with concurrent visualization and an interactive environment.
Unmasking the Chemical Forming Carcinogens in Recycled Water
Researchers identify the molecule responsible for a potent carcinogen found in recycled wastewater.
Wired: LA is doing water better than your city. Yes, that LA.
Amy Childress discusses the desalination process used to treat wastewater before it returns to the tap.
USC Viterbi-Saudi Aramco Master's Program Sees its First Graduating Class
16 Saudi Aramco employees completed a unique master's degree in construction management.
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