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November 2018
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USC Viterbi leads initiative to bring research and technology innovation to foreign policy challenges.
A Maker Space For The Ages
The Baum Family Maker Space, which will establish a new hub for undergraduate student innovation, positions USC Viterbi as a leader in hands-on engineering learning.
USC Viterbi's "Adopt-a-School" Program Announces Partnerships with and Sesame Street Workshop
USC Viterbi VAST programs gain attention for community engagment in computer sciences, landing new partnerships from leading STEM organizations.
Surviving a Day on Venus
Jonathan Sauder, USC Viterbi alumnus and lecturer and JPL engineer, brings back old technology to make new discoveries.
Seeing Through Rain and Fog
Materials developed by USC Viterbi Professor Jayakanth Ravichandran could allow autonomous vehicles to peer through the elements to improve safety.
From the Persian Gulf to the Red Planet
Jonathan Yoke, Navy veteran and astronautical engineering graduate student, prepares for Mars at USC.
Building A Better "CAR"
A trio of USC Viterbi researchers have unlocked secrets about an engineered protein receptor, known as CAR, that makes cancer-fighting T cells more effective.
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