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September 2018
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In his 2018 State of the School address, Dean Yannis C. Yortsos spoke about culture, the seeking of a homeostasis for the school and how this can be found by serving all our constituencies and by leading today's world of exponential changes and "constant accelerations."
Recent USC Viterbi Ph.D. Named Among "World's Top 35 Innovators Under 35."
Niki Bayat is the first USC doctoral student to have earned distinction as one of MIT Technology Review's prestigious "TR 35."
How Much Water is Used to Fulfill the Energy Needs of the US?
Study analyzes how much water is used by oil, coal, natural gas, wind and other energy sources.
Predicting the Next Taylor Swift--with Algorithms?
Want to discover the next big thing in music? A new USC study used data mining to predict what artists will hit the big-time in the next year.
New Deep Learning AI Technology Can Help You Save Time on Your Commute
New AI forecasting technology might also aid fleets of autonomous cars navigate future traffic.
Alexa to USC: "Congratulations! You Have Been Chosen."
The prestigious Amazon Alexa Innovation Fellowship will allow the USC Viterbi School of Engineering to infuse voice technology into several of its innovation programs.
This Tiny Particle Might Change Millions of Lives
Nanoparticle targets kidney disease for drug delivery.
Unique Mars Spacecraft Design Earns Engineering Students a Big Win from NASA
USC Viterbi students design a deep-space transport with artificial gravity, earning first place in the graduate division of NASA's student competition.
New Study Finds Taking Breaks Boosts Team Performance
USC computer scientists leverage artificial intelligence to analyze the performance of individuals in online team-based games, producing unique insights into the psychology of performance.
Could this Material Enable Autonomous Vehicles to Come to Market Sooner and Make Them Safer?
New material has optical properties that could enable better infrared detection for autonomous vehicles and assist firefighters.
Astronaut to Join USC Faculty
Garrett Reisman, Director of Space Operations at SpaceX and former NASA astronaut joins USC's Department of Astronautical Engineering.
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