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  • Further enhance AME's external reputation through a combination of showcase facilities, publicity, industry outreach and best placement our graduates in industry, government and academic positions;
  • Provide junior faculty with the resources and guidance they need to be successful; and
  • Continue to improve the quality of the undergraduate experience in terms of classroom instruction, teaching laboratories, and extracurricular activities.


Viterbi Researchers Create The Lightest, Smallest, Fully Autonomous Crawling Microrobot Reported To Date
The RoBeetle's artificial muscle is powered by controlled catalytic combustion, a technology that has the potential to enable the development of a diverse new generation of microrobots capable of operating on land, water and air.
SpaceX Makes History & Along With It, Continues the Trojans' Legacy in Space
Contributions of USC Viterbi students, researchers and alumni to the groundbreaking next chapter of space travel
AI to Better Diagnose and Treat Renal Cancer and COVID-19
USC researchers are using AI to fuel more confident diagnosis of renal tumors, as well as more customized treatment for cancer patients and patients infected with COVID-19.
Biegler Hall Gets a Makeover
The third floor Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering lab was reconfigured over the summer to offer students an interactive, yet safe experience this fall.
We Can Get to Mars Faster
AME Associate Professor Ivan Bermejo-Moreno's research on mixing jet fuel more efficiently using shockwaves is featured in "Popular Mechanics."
Can the Movement of Tiny Hairlike Structures Tell Us How Healthy We Are?
Researchers determine triggers for transitions between coordinated movement of organelles called cilia, identifying a potential diagnostic tool for cancer and other illnesses.
"These Stories Won't Be Available Forever:" Senior Combines AI and Documentary Filmmaking to Preserve the Past
Imagine a museum where Japanese-Americans from World War II live on as virtual avatars. Cole Kawana is working on it.
USC Undergraduate Researcher Peers Beneath The Waves
Hannah Walker, a graduating mechanical engineering major and winner of the USC Discovery Scholar Prize, has created a device to inexpensively map the ocean's underwater topography.
What If Cell Service Was Portable?
USC students launch Beamlink to provide the first ultraportable, low cost cellular base station for disaster relief and rural connectivity.
New Research Will Create Porous Materials Inspired by Nature
Henry Salvatori Early Career Chair Mitul Luhar was awarded $500K to develop porous materials to better regulate fluid flow, with implications toward smoother performance for aircrafts, water vessels and ground vehicles.
Robotic Arms Extend the Reach of UV Disinfection
USC researchers adapt a customizable robot to autonomously perform disinfection tasks in both small and large spaces.
Trojan Students Sweep the Boeing Innovation Challenge
USC teams take the first three places in the prestigious competition, with USC Viterbi students leading the way.
Imagine If Your Personal Device Worked All Day
Professor Ananya Renuka Balakrishna attempts to create batteries with longer lifespans.
Engineering Our Way Through a Global Pandemic
USC master's students tackle robots, masks and droplet dispersion, to better understand how to live with COVID-19.
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