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Distinguished Chemist and Materials Scientist recognized for the development of highly efficient electrophosphorescent materials for organic light emitting devices used in displays and lighting worldwide.
Jillian Khoo: A Coder for Social Change, Classical Violinist and USC's First Neo Scholar
From classically trained concert violinist to all-star computer science student at USC, Jillian Khoo is determined to use her technical skills to code the change.
How To Reduce Bias in AI? Selective Amnesia.
AI Affects Your Credit Scores and Loans, But It's Not Immune to Bias. USC Researchers Are Helping It Forget.
New Nanoparticle Can Turn Carbon Emissions Into Fuel, Sustainably
USC Viterbi researchers partner with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory on technology to convert CO2 to hydrocarbon fuels and usable materials.
A Digital Pick Me Up: New Start-Up Provides "Empathetic AI"
Blue Fever, a burgeoning company in the Viterbi Startup Garage, helps uplift the spirits of Gen Z girls and young women.
He's Worked His Entire Life To Support His Family; Now, He's Pursuing A Dream Of His Own
Incoming freshman Dresden Kershaw reflects on the uphill journey that has brought him to USC Viterbi.
Could This Nearly Invincible Drone Be the Future of Disaster Relief?
A new artificially intelligent drone control system, designed by USC researchers, allows drones to withstand pushing, kicking and even colliding with objects.
Socially Assistive Robot Helps Children with Autism Learn
USC researchers developed personalized learning robots for children with autism and studied whether the robots could autonomously gauge the child's engagement in long-term, in-home therapeutic interventions.
Carl Kesselman Honored with IEEE Medal for Career Achievements in Computing
Dean's Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering and Information Sciences Institute Fellow has been awarded the Harry H. Goode Memorial Award.
USC at AAAI-20 Conference: Could AI Win a Nobel Prize?
USC Viterbi Professors Yolanda Gil, president of AAAI, and Fei Sha, AAAI-20 conference program co-chair, share their thoughts following this year's event.
Inventing a Stroke Rehabilitation Device in 48 Hours
This year's ASBME Makeathon saw 10 student teams battling the clock to build biomedical devices to help stroke survivors recover their hand and wrist movement.
A Future Sound "Computer"?
USC researchers create smart materials that can mimic electrical devices by triggering different responses to sound.
Is There Life on Mars? With the Right Tools, There Could Be.
A team of USC students is one of 10 finalists awarded $10K to build a water extraction tool for NASA's Moon to Mars challenge.
A Potential New Weapon Against Deadly Brain and Soft Tissue Cancers
New drug combination hopes to exploit metabolic habits of glucose-hungry cancer cells.
It's Not Magic, It's Science: Predicting the Future
USC Viterbi's Information Sciences Institute pairs human "forecasters" with AI to develop better predictive technology.
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