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Fall 2021
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Aerospace Engineering


2021: Rank: 21/67 (69th percentile)

2020: Rank: 22/65 (66th percentile)


Mechanical Engineering

2021: Rank: 29/182 (84th percentile)

2020: Rank: 37/179 (79th percentile)


Can Robots Create Fashion?
For three mechanical engineering students, summer vacation included making tie-dye - with Baxter, the robot
Electric Propulsion: The Future of Sustainable Aviation
USC researchers awarded a new NASA grant to make air travel cleaner, greener and more adaptable
The Four-Legged Robot That Can Crawl, Crouch, Clean and Fight COVID
A team of USC master's students creates a disinfection robot to use on COVID-19 prevention
What if Silent Heart Attacks Could be Diagnosed at Home?
USC Researchers use biofluid dynamics (hemodynamics) that can potentially detect heart attacks in patients without chest pain and lower mortality and re-hospitalization rates for heart failure patients
Could Mapping Tiny Hairlike Structures Help Treat Lung Illnesses?
With a $2.3 million NIH award, USC researchers will study how cilia behavior and structure impact their function, a key in improving diagnostics and treatments for lung illnesses like COVID-19
Could 3D Paper Be a Sustainable Alternative to Plastic?
Mechanical engineering student Aidan Leitch hopes his technique of using recycled paper to form solid objects can open doors to environmentally friendly plastic replacements
Can We Predict Which COVID-19 Patients Will End Up in the ICU?
USC researchers created an algorithm that uses five biomarkers to determine which COVID-19 patients will need intensive care after hospitalization
Want Your Lithium Batteries To Last Longer? Try Stretching.
USC researchers have applied fundamental mechanics to help increase battery storage capacity and lifespan
Can A Robot Operate Effectively Underwater?
USC researchers find sea stars' shape plays an important role in their ability to withstand dynamic water forces and remain attached to surfaces
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