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News - April 2021
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After last year's postponement because of COVID-19, the 42nd annual event celebrated honorees General (retired) Ellen Pawlikowski, alumnus Juan Perez of UPS and Geena Davis.
Scholarship and Fellowship Celebration Spotlights Generosity, Academic Excellence
Annual event brings together talented students and the donors who support their pursuits.
What Game Design Taught Me About Life, Dreams, And 3-D Printing A Human Heart
Gavan Wilhite, '10 B.S. computer science, created the first social platform for virtual reality, now he's building the connective tissues in 3-D printed organs.
A Hackathon to Empower Women
5th annual AthenaHacks hackathon enables over 400 women and non-binary students to create apps, games, and more.
What Happens To All Those COVID Test Nasal Swabs? That's Where It Gets Complicated.
Recent XPRIZE finalist Tapestry, led by Manoj Gopalkrishnan, '08, could save time, money and lives by testing hundreds of samples at once.
What If The Internet Was Accessible To All?
Paul Chiou, a USC Viterbi Ph.D. student, seeks to reimagine technology for people with disabilities, sparked by a paralyzing car accident and a passion for computing.
Healthier Healthcare
An AI algorithm developed by Gerald Loeb would comb through millions of electronic medical records to suggest diagnoses and tests to improve patient outcomes and lower costs.
Virus Minority Report
USC Viterbi researchers show how we might one day develop vaccines for viruses that haven't even evolved yet.
Over 100 Undergraduate Students Conduct Research Remotely
As part of the Center for Undergraduate Research in Viterbi Engineering fellowships, undergraduate students participated in research spanning topics including disruptive space engineering, climate change, robotics and AI for social good.
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