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News - September 2021
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The NSF Artificial Intelligence (AI) Institute for Advances in Optimization will fuse AI and mathematics to tackle tough challenges, such as food security, supply chain operations and hardware design.
Advanced Materials Research for Secure Communications Receives $3.75M in Funding
USC Viterbi researchers will explore cutting-edge materials thanks to support from the Department of Defense's Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative.
Creating the Materials of the Future Using Machine Learning
A new M.S. degree in the Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at USC Viterbi will prepare graduates to lead the creation of advanced materials using machine learning and artificial intelligence.
SHINE 2021: 58 High School Students Actively Contribute To USC Viterbi Research
"A sense of confidence, exposure and knowledge:" Students, family, and faculty celebrate the conclusion of this summer's session of SHINE with annual poster session.
Viterbi Alumna to Lead Society of Women Engineers
After more than a decade as an active and committed member of SWE, Rachel Morford was recently elected president of the prominent global organization.
A T-Cell Power-up for Tumor Treatments
USC Viterbi Ph.D. student researchers have found a new way to enhance the cancer-killing properties of CAR T-cell therapies, to make them more effective in fighting tumors.
Can Robots Create Fashion?
For three mechanical engineering students, summer vacation included making tie-dye - with Baxter, the robot.
Assessing the Health of Buildings
Audrey Olivier explores data analytics to identify potential risk factors and avoid future hazards in the structures that house and connect us.
How I Spent My COVID Quarantine: 3-D Printing A Laser Harp
USC Viterbi student Reuben Levine combines his engineering prowess with music knowledge to create a unique instrument in his own home.
Is Your Mobile Provider Tracking Your Location? This New Technology Could Stop It.
For the first time, researchers have found a way to protect phone users' identity and location, without compromising connectivity.
Single Cell Intelligence: Alumni Startup Seeks To ID Cells That Could Transform Medicine
Co-founded by USC Viterbi alumnus Mahyar Salek, '11, Deepcell uses AI and imaging to isolate unique cells in areas ranging from cancer to prenatal testing.
Is it a Horror Film or a Rom-Com? AI Can Predict Based Solely on Music.
USC Viterbi Professor Shrikanth Narayanan and his research group examined the role of music in film through a computational lens to determine how it affects the audience's perception of genre.
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