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News - November 2022
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Watch a preview for the forthcoming documentary. In 1972, following the release of the Pentagon Papers, a small institute in Los Angeles was given the power to design, develop and run the Internet. What followed was one of the greatest explosions of information in human history.
USC's Information Sciences Institute Celebrates 50 Years of Innovation
From a three-man shop in 1972 to a 400+ person Institute, ISI continues to lead the way in computing research.
New $11.7 Million USC Center to Create Open-Source Implantables for the Nervous System
The USC-led center will develop cutting-edge devices that send stimulating pulses to the autonomic nervous system to treat and monitor a vast range of conditions.
Harnessing Data to Improve Food Safety and Nutrition
Abigail Horn joins the Daniel J. Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, bringing expertise in fighting global challenges in food systems.
What Will 2072 Look Like? Recorded Dreams and AI Friends!
As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of USC's Information Sciences Institute, ISIers take a guess at what the next 50 years will bring.
Micro CT Scanner - One of Just Two on the West Coast - Comes to Campus
The machine can take high-resolution pictures at the micron level, or one-millionth of a meter.
Moonlight Lights the Way for Accessible NFTs
A group of USC students has come together to form Moonlight, a crowdfunding platform where people can split the cost of a non-fungible token.
34 new hires, including the new biomedical engineering chair, join for fall and spring semesters
USC Viterbi New Faculty Hires 2022-2023.
USC Viterbi DEN Course Offered in Ukraine Hopes to Rebuild Space Industry
Free, online astronautics course is a humanitarian effort to maintain Ukraine's academic excellence in astronautics.
Shanechi Receives the One Mind 2022 Rising Star Award
Maryam Shanechi was honored for her unique engineering approach to mental health.
Yolanda Gil Recognized for Outstanding Contributions to Geoinformatics
The ISI researcher has brought artificial intelligence solutions to the geosciences.
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