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News - September 2022
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Engineers provide solutions for refugees in film produced by team at USC Viterbi School of Engineering.
Symposium on the Future of Computing Research
In celebration of the 50th anniversary of USC's Information Sciences Institute, the symposium will look at how computing research must evolve in the decades to come.
In a Warmer World, Half of all Species Are on the Move. Where Are They Going?
A new computer modeling tool provides a more accurate analysis of species range shifts under climate change - and it's even bleaker than expected.
Sony Interactive Entertainment Pledges $3 Million Donation to USC Games Program
Sony Interactive Entertainment becomes latest supporter of the Gerald A. Lawson Fund, furthering USC Games' effort for games industry diversity, equity and inclusion
Barry Boehm, a "Living Legend" in Systems and Software Engineering, Dies at 87
A pioneer in the field of computer science with a career spanning six decades, USC Viterbi Professor Emeritus Barry Boehm "defined an era in software engineering."
Lost in Translation at the Border
A USC computer science student is developing natural language processing tools to tackle the translator shortage for Indigenous asylum seekers.
Need Help Building a Moon Base? USC Viterbi Researchers Partner with NASA
Low cost, low impact construction on the moon: new CrafTram technology could aid the next generation of lunar explorers
The Surprising Powerful Global Tsunamis Driven by Underwater Volcanic Eruptions
USC researchers and colleagues track and document the tsunami impact of a recent event near Tonga.
Medical Imaging in Living Color - With 26 New Shades to Detect Disease
New molecular imaging method could change the game for detection and treatment of cancers and other diseases.
Busting Anti-Queer Bias in Text Prediction
New research at USC demonstrates how to train a popular language model to remove homophobic, anti-queer bias.
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