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News - March 2023
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New Show to Highlight Weekly Stories of Notable Engineering Figures and Feats in Minutes.
Photographing an Invisible Frog and what it Reveals About Blood Flow
USC Viterbi engineers harnessed ultrasonic waves to capture extraordinary images of glass frogs, which dodge predators by making themselves transparent.
Six Weeks to Mars? Viterbi Alums Are Building Powerful, Versatile Rocket Engines
Ursa Major, a company with 13 alumni, seeks to democratize access to space.
ISI Names Two New Fellows
Researchers Ewa Deelman and Yolanda Gil have received USC Viterbi's Information Sciences Institute's highest honor.
Operation Pangolin Launches to Save World's Most Trafficked Wild Mammal
Bistra Dilkina joins a global team addressing pangolin poaching and trafficking.
How Old Is Your Brain? Ask All The Hospitals
Researchers at USC's Information Sciences Institute are proposing an artificial intelligence system that addresses several of the machine learning challenges in the medical space.
Fish Don't Dither: A New Study Investigates Danger-Evasion Tactics
New USC research on zebrafish has implications for understanding animal behavior.
New NSF Center on Soil Research Launched
USC to lead Industry-University Cooperative Research Center for Soil Technologies.
The USC Signal and Image Processing Institute Celebrates its Golden Anniversary
Past and present SIPI students and faculty gather to toast 50 years of innovation - from JPEGs to brain-computer interfaces.
NSF Grant to Make Coding More Accessible for Persons with Physical Disabilities
A USC-led multidisciplinary team aims to create inclusive coding technology for persons with physical disabilities.
"I've Fallen, and I Can't Get Up." Not If These Engineering Students Can Help It.
At the ASBME 2023 Make-a-thon, teams were given 36 hours to build devices to prevent seniors from dangerous falls.
TREBUCHET: A High-Powered Processor for Cutting-Edge Encryption
Researchers from USC Viterbi's Information Sciences Institute are part of a team working to keep sensitive data secure with accelerated computing.
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