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VAST Programs

The Viterbi School of Engineering offers STEM programs that target K-12 Schools, K-12 Students, K-12 Teachers, and USC Students. Types of programs include Education Research programs, Summer Programs, STEM Opportunities for students and families, MESA Competitions, Professional Development and Service Learning. New and current programs are listed in the table below. Click here for a list of Past Programs. Or you can browse a Summary of VAST Programs

K-12 Students Robotics and Autonomous Systems Center (RASC)
K-12 Students Summer High School Intensive in Next-Generation Engineering(SHINE)
K-12 Students Robotics and Coding Academy
K-12 Students CS@SC Summer Camps
K-12 Students MESA Program
K-12 Students Mission Science
K-12 Students Summer Programs (4-week High School Programs)
K-12 Students Summer Engineering Programs
K-12 Students FIRST Robotics
K-12 Students MESA Day
USC Faculty STEM Research
USC Faculty USC STEM Consortium
K-12 Students TSA-TEAMS
K-12 Students MESA Robotics Challenge
K-12 Students The USC Science, Technology and Research (STAR) Program
K-12 Students USC Chevron Frontiers in Energy Research Summer Camp
K-12 Teachers STEM Teacher Academies
K-12 Teachers MESA MASME
K-12 Teachers K-12 Students CS@SC Summer Camps
K-12 Teachers PAST STEM Programs
K-12 Teachers Research Experiences for Teachers