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Viterbi Lecture

Viterbi Lecture

The Viterbi School is named for Andrew and Erna Viterbi.  Viterbi is the legendary communications figure who helped open the doors to the digital age with the Viterbi Algorithm, an original mathematical formula for eliminating signal interference.

Today, his algorithm is used in all four international standards for digital cellular telephones, as well as in data terminals, digital satellite broadcast receivers and deep space telemetry. 

 2016 Speaker

Dr. Norman Abramson
Professor Emeritus
University of Hawaii 

"ALOHA to the Web "

Thursday, April 14, 2016
Hughes Electrical Engineering Center (EEB) 132
Reception 3:00pm (EEB Courtyard)
Lecture 4:00pm (EEB 132)

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Past Speakers

H. Vincent Poor, Ph.D.
Princeton University
"Fundamental Limits on Information Security and Privacy"
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Abbas El Gamal, Ph.D.
Stanford University
"Common Information"
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John M. Cioffi
Stanford University
"Ubiquitous Cost-Effective Gigabit Per Second Broadband Access:
It's Coming, And Not The Way You Think!"

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Sergio Verdú
Princeton University
"What is Information Theory?"
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Elwyn Berlekamp
University of California, Berkeley
"Adventures in Coding Theory"
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Thomas Kailath
Hitachi America Professor Emeritus, Stanford University
"From Radiative Transfer Theory to Fast Algorithms for Cell Phones"
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Robert M. Gray
"Codes and Coin Flips: Compression and Modeling"
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Jack K. Wolf
"From Edison to Viterbi"
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Robert J. McEliece
"Learning to Teach the Viterbi Algorithm"
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Toby Berger
"Information Exchange Among Neurons in Sensory Cortex"
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Jacob Ziv
"What is Hidden in an Individual Sequence?"
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G. David Forney, Jr. 
"Not your father's coding theory"
Andrew J. Viterbi (inaugural lecture)