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Viterbi Photo Galleries

  • Iridescent Summer Science Camp--Musical Instrument Engineering Children at age 6 to 9 investigate the physics of sound using musical instruments that they create. They also learn how sound is made and how sound travels through different materials.
    July 31, 2012
  • Excellence, Excellence, Excellence!! Meet the Winners of the 2012 Viterbi Undergraduate Awards Heather Chen was a recipient of the Archimedes Circle Award for Outstanding Achievement in Scholarship and was 2012 Viterbi valedictorian
    May 18, 2012
  • New Student Visions for Space Travel As in many previous years, Apollo Astronaut Dr. Buzz Aldrin judged the 2011 ASTE 527 Space Exploration Architectures Concepts Synthesis Studio class projects
    December 20, 2011
  • NAE student session October 6: students gather at the NAE Grand Challenges Summit to hear Dean Yannis Yortsos, NAE President Chuck Vest and others
    October 07, 2010
  • Barbara Myers retirement gathering Friends, sons, well-wishers, colleagues, the dean and donors gathered to salute the achievements of the Viterbi School's Executive Director of Advancement's six and a half years of service
    July 02, 2010
  • 2010 Commencement Photos from the 2010 Viterbi School Satellite Ceremonies, Undergraduate and Graduate
    May 17, 2010
  • KIUEL Senior Design Expo Images from the April 30 display of student research projects
    May 03, 2010
  • Welcome to Viterbi, 2009! Deans, faculty and staff greet parents and new students.
    August 31, 2009
  • Summer Research interns July 8 picnic for Viterbi 2009 Summer Research interns.
    July 08, 2009
  • César Piña Farewell Lunch 6/31/2009 Speeches, presentations and music marked the end of Piña's two decades at the helm of of the Information Sciences Insitute MOSIS chip fabrication service,
    July 01, 2009
  • DEN 2009 photo gallery 59 photos of DEN grads who came to University Park to get their degrees
    May 28, 2009
  • Commencement 2009: Images, Images, Images Sights of the May 15, 2009 ceremonies in Archimedes Plaza and Galen Center, images of Valedictorian Kim Boynton and many others (And please ignore the incorrect May 16 date on some photos.)
    May 18, 2009
  • 2009 AIAA Design/Build/Fly Competition A USC team placed third in the highly competitive contest, held in Arizona
    May 05, 2009
  • Astani plaque dedicated in Kaprielian Hall Sonny Astani was on hand as Chair J.P. Bardet and Senior Associate Dean John O'Brien dedicated a plaque commemorating his naming gift in the Astani department's home.
    April 23, 2009
  • KIUEL Showcase Spotlights Student Artists For two days every April, the Viterbi School of Engineering showcases its students’ visual side. Visitors to the Viterbi Museum in Ronald Tutor Hall are treated to paintings, drawings, photographs and sculpture produced by the same minds that generate complex computer codes or new biomedical devices the rest of the year.
    April 22, 2009
  • 13th Fred S. Grodins Graduate Research Symposium images from the annual event, held this year April 4 at the L.A. Convention Center.
    April 16, 2009
  • 2009 Viterbi Awards Images from the glittering 2009 Viterbi Awards banquet, held April 1 at the California Club.
    April 13, 2009
  • Grand Challenges Summit
    March 05, 2009
  • Smart Surfboards "Smart Surfboards" - that was the two word challenge issued to Professor Ed Maby's capstone class, a blend of electrical and mechanical engineering. Four teams took up the challenge and produced models that included features such as electronic steering, built-in iPods, cell phone connections and in-board displays showing wave shapes and recording rides.
    January 26, 2009
  • ISI Xmas Party, December 8, 2008 December 8, 2008: Leadership, staff, researchers, kids, Santa.
    December 15, 2008
  • Iridescent's Impact on Student Learning Data from Iridescent between 2006-2008 shows increases in the number of courses, sessions and new topics, as well as increased participation by students, parents and program volunteers.
    December 09, 2008
  • National Science Medalist Andrew J. Viterbi Photo collage of a USC campus ceremony to honor Professor Andrew J. Viterbi, trustee, Viterbi School presidential chair and namesake of the Viterbi School of Engineering, for winning the 2007 National Medal of Science.
    November 02, 2008
  • Professional Programs Meeting Spaces
    August 12, 2008
  • High School Science Teachers Flight Test Their Undersanding Photos from lab day on Larry Lim's class
    July 10, 2008
  • 2007 Homecoming
    June 19, 2008
  • USS Hornet Father's Day Celebration - June 19, 2005
    June 19, 2008
  • USC Robotics Research Lab Hosts Visitors from Viterbi-Organized Mega-Conference The Viterbi School hosted the 2008 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, the world's biggest gathering of its kind. On May 20, USC welcomed conference attendees to Tutor Hall where grad students and post-docs showed off their work.
    May 20, 2008
  • 2008 Viterbi Commencement Pomp, ceremony, circumstance and above all family, friends and the biggest smiles in Southern California.
    May 16, 2008
  • E-Week at Viterbi They creamed a couple of professors, jousted, raced tricycles and built human battleships in one of the most popular weeks of the school year for engineering students: E-Week. Take a look at this February 2008 collage of Viterbi School E-Week activities.
    February 26, 2008
  • Glider Day It's Glider Day! Undergraduate aerospace engineering students engage in some practical experimentation with fiberglass planes and have some fun too. Photos by Ben Murray.
    November 20, 2007
  • Engineers on the March These engineeering students are all about numbers and cymbals. As a group, members of Viterbi make up the largest contingent in the Trojan Marching Band, "The Greatest Marching Band in the History of the Universe," proving an analytial mind is also often a musical mind.
    October 02, 2007
  • Celebrating 50 Years of Spaceflight Historical photographs chronicle many milestones in the Russian/U.S. race to space.
    September 16, 2007
  • Viterbi Visits the USS Abraham Lincoln A group of USC Viterbi School faculty and staff visit a Nimitz class nuclear powered aircraft carrier and meet some alumni along the way.;
    August 01, 2007
  • RoboDuck! A robotic boat built by a team of EE and CS grad students headed by Gaurav Sukhatme will be sampling water in Redondo Beach's King Harbor this summer, trying to find out what triggers algae blooms.
    June 07, 2007
  • 2007 Commencement 2007 Commencement Pictures
    May 14, 2007
  • A Week in La Estanzuela, Honduras A group of engineering undergraduates in Engineers Without Borders spent spring break in a small Honduran town gathering data to design a sustainable water distribution and sanitation station.
    April 17, 2007