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December 15, 2004 —

ISIHighlyCited.com® now identifies 23 University of Southern California investigators as "Highly Cited Researchers™" — and seven are from the Viterbi School.

Barry Boehm, Kai Hwang, and Aristides Requicha of computer science; Terence Langdon, Anumpam Madhukar, and Florian Mansfeld of materials science; and Cauligi Raghavendra of Electrical Engineering won stars in the continuing listing, an effort "to identify and honor researchers whose collected publications have received the highest number of citations across the past two decades,"  according to an explanation on the project's web site.

"Being acknowledged by  Thomson-ISI® as a Highly Cited Researcher™ means that an individual is among the 250 most cited researchers for their published articles within a specific time-period," the explanation continues.

"For over 40 years, Thomson-ISI has indexed the world’s finest scholarly literature in a wide range of subjects in the science and social sciences, and has collected the references from many millions of articles. This dense network of interconnections forms the basis of the Web of Science®; it is also used, through a specialized analysis, to create  ISIHighlyCited.com™."

The Star system was introduced in September of last year. Thomson Scientific Company's ISI has no connection to the Viterbi School's Informaiton Sciences institute.