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Engineers Week

February 24, 2005 — It was National Engineers Week at USC...and at other campuses across the nation.  But the USC Viterbi School of Engineering pulled out all of the stops.   For students, it was a
The 'Professor Pie-Throw' contest banner.
week chocked full of fun activities, including a barbecue cookout and dessert competition, career day, and a formal Friday night ball in downtown L.A.  For professors, however, serving as targets in a pie toss competition was perhaps not the highlight of their careers.  

The weeklong event was sponsored by many Viterbi School student organizations and featured the following agenda:   

All Week Long: E-Week Banner Competition
Feb. 22: Professor Pie Toss Competition
             Photo Scavenger Hunt
             Academic Tech Bowl
Feb. 23:  Kids Day
             Barbecue Cookout
             Dessert Competition
Feb. 24:  Career Fair
              Engineering Date Auction
Feb. 25:  Corporate Luncheon
              Future Technologies Guest Speaker
Creamed! Adam Johnson fires off a pie, hitting Professor Tom Katsouleas squarely in the face.

              Viterbi Ball at The Proud Bird Restaurant

National Engineers Week is celebrated every year during the week of George Washington’s birthday to increase public awareness and appreciation of the engineering profession.  Each year, the event, founded in 1951 by the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), reaches thousands of schools, businesses and community groups across the United States.
The week of George Washington's birthday was selected because Washington, the first president, had the background of an engineer and land surveyor. He was the first to call for an engineering school, which led to the founding of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

Just in case students couldn't find a good reason to join in Engineers Week activities, the NSPE issued its own ”top ten” list of really good reasons to celebrate engineering:

10) Because if we don't, those darn scientists will take credit for all of our efforts.

 9) To remind those jerks in school just who's having fun now.

 8) Even garbage collectors want to be called engineers.

 7) To stop people from snickering when we discuss “flocculating” devices.
L-R: Regidia Mayrena, Stephanie Hunt, Elizabeth So and Anna Liberovsky put their heads together during the Academic Tech Bowl. 

 6) “ENGINEER” — you can't spell it without  “G.E.E.!”

 5) It's either that or “Broccoli Awareness Week.”

 4) What else have you got to do in the third week in February?

 3) Spring will come early if enough engineers emerge from the shadows.

 2) Pocket protectors! Pocket protectors! Pocket protectors!

 1) Because 1,800,000 engineers can't be wrong!

Alex Liu, CSCI '04, and Sophia Fang, BMEC junior, at the ball.

The ball — Left to right, Aaron Wong, BMEE junior, Andrea Cheung, CHEB sophomore, Rachel Morford, EE sophomore, Kim Tran, EE sophomore, and Peter Wong, EE senior,enjoy a romantic evening at The Proud Bird.

Students got dressed up to meet with engineering companies at the Career Fair. 

Daunish Aboobaker, a junior CECS major interested in digital signal processing, talked with Microsoft, EA Games and IBM during the Career Fair.

Morgan Hendry,left, a senior astronautics major,discusses his interest in robotics research with Reggie Thompson, a Human Resources specialist at Toyota.