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Langdell IAGER

Tim Langdell First President of IAGER

April 19, 2005 —
Tim Langdell, who founded  one of the first games companies, EDGE, and who has played a key role in the development of the USC Viterbi School's interactive gaming curriculum, is the first president of the International Association for Game Education and Research (IAGER).

IAGER began at the March, 2005 Game Developers' Conference in San Francisco, when a group of university professors teaching and undertaking research in games agreed on "a great need for a games educators association, international in scope, and concerned with both curriculum and research," Langdell said.

IAGER will begin regular conferences in 2006.  A planning meeting hosted by USC will be held May 17 in Los Angeles on the USC campus.  Langdell said that IAGER will also publish a peer reviewed journal, the Journal of Game Education and Research.

Langdell is a co-founder of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences and  has been working in the field of videogames as a developer, educator, theorist and author for more than two decades.

He helped devise the first USC gaming programs in 1992, in the School of Cinema/Television, and later returned to USC in 2003, after seeing Anthony Bourquez of the Viterbi School's Information Technology Program interviewed on television.

He worked with Bourquez to expand gaming offerings, and in fall, 2004 chaired the committee that produced the landmark provosts-office sponsored USC Games Summit, which brought together faculty and staff from six schools and numerous institutes and study centers for two days of presentation on gaming at the University.

  Langdell, who has a dual major in physics and psychology from England's Leicester University, has designed, coded and produced more than 180 games, and is co-author of a just-published book Game Testing All in One. In the Spring semester he taught three courses on gaming at the Viterbi School

For further information about IAGER, visit the group's website at: http://www.iager.org