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Viterbi School Grad Student's Contribution Heavily Emphasized in Korean Coverage

June 13, 2005 —
The June 9 publication in Nature of research on miniaturized portable fuel cells by a three-university team attracted worldwide attention. And in Korea, much of the attention focused on the work of Viterbi School grad student Jeong-Min Ahn.
More information about the research can be found in a story by the Caltech media relations department,     
A Bloomberg News Service general story about the research appeared in the Los Angeles Times.  
Science News story,quoting Paul Ronney.
Most Korean papers covered the story focusing on Ahn. English-language versions are available of two of these stories, in the Dong-a Ilbo and in the Chosun Ilbo.  
 Korean TV coverage:   

The new propane-burning miniature fuel cell.