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Viterbi@100 Image Gallery

October 20, 2005 — The Viterbi School of Engineering celebrated its centennial in parallel with USC's Festival 125 in October. Engineering activities included technology demonstrations, special lectures, exhibits and Oktoberfest before the Trojan-Arizona Wildcats football game.

The “Hands Off” physical therapy assistant robot is designed to help nurses care for cardiac patients.

Explore, invent, have fun was the mantra for USC’s Festival 125 anniversary celebration in the pavilion.

A Viterbi School's Expression Synthesis Project (ESP), lets users “drive" a piece of music, using a wheel and foot controls. The interface was designed by  Elaine Chew of the Epstein Industrial and Systems Engineering Department .

USC’s Formula SAE team and its 2005 entry placed 36 out of 140 in this year’s national competition and was on display in the engineering quad.

The Viterbi School Admission and Student Affairs Office hosted a breakfast for parents, faculty and staff attending Festival 125 festivities.

Kevin Jones, left, sends commands via his laptop to a robotic submarine navigating rough waters in Archimedes fountain during Festival 125 activities.

Demonstrations in the pavilion attracted a crowd and kept visitors glued to computer screens and technology demos during USC’s anniversary festival. 


Stephan Themis, a graduate student in electrical engineering, watches a 360-degree panoramic video of a USC football half time, shown on the Integrated  Media  System  Center’s five-screen experimental panochamber.

Panayiotis Georgiou explains the Transonics Spoken Dialog Translator, which turns a doctor's spoken English questions into spoken Persian.  



A Trojan mom gives a roaming photographer the ‘V’ for victory during the Viterbi  School’s Oktoberfest, a few hours before the USC Trojan-Arizona Wildcats football game.


Festival 125 students and friends program a robo-chopper, built in the Robotic Embedded Systems Lab, to fly, hover and land without human intervention.


Engineering students on an aero design team explain their design to inquisitive onlookers during Festival 125 activities in the Viterbi  School engineering quad.



Tiny robots, no bigger than the palm of your hand, can communicate with each other and work as a team to solve problems.  The demonstration was part of a centennial celebration in Tutor Hall.


A youngster ‘drives’ a piece of music, tying to stay on the road with a twist of the steering wheel, using Elaine Chew’s Expression Synthesis Project interface.



Photos by Irene Fertik and USC!