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Armenia Awards Gold Medal to George Chilingar

Petroleum Expert Receives Honor from Armenia's Academy of Sciences

November 02, 2005 —
 Professor George Chilingar of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering has received another in a long line of international honors.
George Chillingar
The Armenian consul in Los Angeles and the Minister of Geology for the Caucasus Mountains nation presented Chilingar, (who also uses the Armenian form of his name — "Chilingarian") with the gold medal of honor of the Armenian Academy of Sciences in a recent ceremony.

The accompanying diploma cited "very important contributions to petroleum science and engineering."

Chilingar has also made two new contributions to the discipline: his 58th and 59th published books, dedicated (respectively) to the King of Thailand and the Emir of Qatar.  Another of Chilingar’s books, Origin and Prediction of Abnormal Formation Pressures, has just been translated and published in China, the 20th of his books to be published in that nation.

The two books, Probability in Petroleum and Environmental Engineering and Geology and Geochemistry of Oil and Gas, were both published in the last three months.

Other recent honors for the professor (who also serves as consul for Honduras) include a Knight of Arts and Sciences award from Russia, and the "Distinguished Engineering Educator Award" from the Orange County Engineering Council.