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MESA - Catalina - Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

L-R: Darin Gray, USC MESA science coordinator; Lorraine Sadler, USC Wrigley Center marine science instructor; Ben Louie, MESA associate director; and Larry Lim, director of Pre-College Programs in the Viterbi School’s Center for Engineering Diversity.
Ben Louie, center in red t-shirt, chats with students on the dock.
Wrigley Science Center staff pass out wet suits and snorkeling gear to students.
Edder Rodriguez, South Gate Middle School, checks out his flippers.
Sahlit Bahiru, a 10th grader at the 32nd Street USC MaST school, heads for the water.
Christian Pelaez, an 8th grader at South Gate Middle School, flexes his muscle for the camera.
First-time swimmers cling to a board as they learn to snorkel.
MESA group heads for the Wrigley Science Center laboratory.
Enile Houndonougo, center in blue, walks with some of his students.
Lindsay Medina, left, a 7th grader at 32nd Street MaST, Juan Trujillo of South Gate Middle School, middle, and Jackie Tran of Alhambra High, estimate clarity of water using a specially marked rope.    
Enile Houndonougo, a math teacher at the 32nd Street USC MaST school, tries on a flipper.
The dock at Big Fishherman’s Cove, just south of Two Harbors.
(Top picture)  Snorkelers get instructions from one of the Wrigley Science Center divers.
(Below) Looking down on the Wrigley Science Center and the cove in the distance.
Jacqueline Tran, a sophomore at Alhambra High School, drags her net through the water, searching for plankton and other microscopic organisms to study.
Juan Trujillo of South Gate Middle School sketches some of the microorganisms he sees under the microscope.