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New Book Celebrates CSSE Software Guru

Anthology harvests Barry Boehm's insights into building sucessful computer systems

June 06, 2007 —

Northrop-Grumman software products chief Richard Selby has edited a new book bringing together key contributions by the highly influential creator of the USC Center for Software and Systems Engineering.

The work, entitled Software Engineering: Barry W. Boehm's Lifetime Contributions to Software Development, Management, and Research, includes 42 reprinted articles fronted by a new introduction by the much-honored researcher, who is TRW professor of software engineering in the Viterbi School Department of Computer Science.

Published by the 200-year old firm of Wiley, the work pays special emphasis to Boehm's work on product development and management, as well as convenient 'one-stop' reference for current software best practice. .

In addition to his work at Northrop Grumman, Selby is an adjunct professor at the Viterbi School and co-author of Microsoft Secrets: How the World's Most Powerful Software Company Creates Technology, Shapes Markets, and Manages People.

The book includes a note of appreciation by Viterbi School dean Yannis Yortsos, who calls it "a must-read for all software engineers."

Other remarks include:

"In my view, Barry Boehm is single-handedly responsible for turning software engineering from an anecdote-driven, opinion-laden art form into data-driven, fact-based engineering." –Dr. William A. Wulf, President, National Academy of Engineering.

"Barry Boehm has led the effort to put a sound footing under software engineering. His Software Engineering Economics provided fact-grounded models that first enabled us to move beyond speculation in budgeting and scheduling. His spiral development model and risk-management strategies each constitute major advances in our thinking."Dr. Frederick P. Brooks, Jr., Kenan Professor of Computer Science, University of North Carolina