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Fifteen Win Viterbi Masters Scholarships to Inaugurate New Program

Three of the group also win cash awards; "these are exceptional candidates..."
Eric Mankin
August 28, 2007 —

from top: Muñoz, Earl, Wang
The first batch of Viterbi Masters Scholars have their grants, and are ready to start their studies.

The program is a set of merit-based scholarships: all full-time on-campus engineering masters candidates who are U.S. citizens are eligible; but the program also is aimed at encouraging diversity. The basic grant remits tuition for six graduate units, three units in each of two successive semesters. Fifteen grad students from across the range of Viterbi departments received the awards.

“These are exceptional candidates and we are delighted to be able to help them achieve their career goals,” said Viterbi School Associate Dean for Master's and Professional Programs Kelly Goulis, in announcing the grants.

In addition to tuition remission, three outstanding masters scholars are also receiving cash awards.

This number includes two recipients of $3000 Computer Science masters scholarships: Darren Earl  (U-Georgia) and Yuan Wang (U-Minnesota); and one recipient of a $1000 Hammond scholarship, Jolene Muñoz (U-Oklahoma), majoring in Environmental Engineering.

The other scholars include: Hokchi Chiu (Northeastern); Philip Crandon (Macalester College); Neil Desai (UCLA); Andrew Fynaardt (UC Irvine); Wesley Hoekman (Calvin); Michael Kristian (U-Washington); Aryan Moassessi (UCI); Brian Myhre (U-Wyoming); Singh Rahul (U-Florida); Steven Sutherland (R.I.T.); and Justin Wang (R.P.I.)

Applications for 2008 Masters Scholarships is April 1, 2008.