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Online Students Win Record Number of Viterbi M.S. Degrees

Distance Education Network, largest online graduate program in engineering, continues rapid growth
Eric Mankin
May 11, 2007 —

The USC Viterbi School of Engineering's  Distance Education Network (DEN) granted Master of Science degrees to a record 272

By rows, top to bottom, from left:
ROW 1: Maritza Alvarez, MSEE; Michael Bailey, MSCS – Computer Security; Kevin Branan, MSSAE; Emily Chi, MSEE; Mark Cuezon, MSEE.
ROW 2: Robert Dean, MSSAE; Faisal Din, MSEE; Angela DiSalvo, MSEE; Samuel Eichelberger, MSSAE; Devon Feaster, MSASTE.
ROW 3: Dan Fredinburg; Saina Ghandchi, MSASTE; Edward Gormley, MSAE; Jefferson Gough, MSSAE; Sonya Gupta, MSEE.
ROW 4: Christopher Haire, MSCS; Richard Hernandez, MSEE; Judith Hodes, MSEE; Christine Huey, MSCS – Computer Security; Shirlyn Jean-Louis, MSASTE; Darshan Jetly, MSEE – VLSI Design.
ROW 5: Brad Johnson, MSCS – Software Engineering; Kristine Kahl, MSSAE; Charles Kilmer, MSSAE; Laurel LeFlore, MSEE; Alvin Leung, MSEE.
ROW 6: Alexander Lew, MSSAE; Eric Liu, MSME; Peter Ly, MSEE; Travis McGee, MSASTE; Noel Mendoz, MSISE.
ROW 7: Fady Mina, MSEE; Melissa Murphy, MSCE; Doug Mushet. MSSAE; James Naegle, MSEE; Sanjay Nair, MSCS.
ROW 8:Rami Neseem, MSEE; Michael Neuman, MSEE; Neal Okamura, MSEE; Amit Patel, MSSAE; Wade Peeler, MSCENG.
ROW 9: Mathias Peratt, MSEE; Alan Pollard, MSASTE; Chirag Potnis, MSEE; Nguyen Quach, MSCS.
ROW 10: Erika Sanchez, MSSAE; Sandeep Saxena, MSEMT; Jeffrey Scheinost, MSAE; Tyson Simomi, MSEE; Carol Tang, MSEMT.
ROW 11: Pauline Tomison, MSCS – Software Engineering; Anna Tomzynska, MSASTE; Gustavo Trevino, MSEE; Florin Tudor, MSEE – Communications Engineering; Jordan Yamamoto, MSEE.
students located all over the U.S., most of whom earned their degrees while working full-time.

The total represented a whopping 30 percent increase over last years’ 210 graduates. DEN, which now offers more than 30 degrees online and enrolls students abroad, continues to expand its lead as the largest online graduate engineering program in the world.

Our growth has been truly exceptional,” said Kelly Goulis, executive director of DEN. “And commencement is always a special time, when we get to meet some of the students we have only known by email over the phone..”

Almost 70 percent (188) of the new DEN MS degree holders are Californians, with Washington second with 16, followed by Texas (8) and Missouri (5). The most distant distance learner was located in Nutley, N.J.

DEN graduates are employed at industry-leading institutions such as Boeing (78 degree winners), Raytheon (43), Northrop Grumman (38), Lockheed Martin (13), Qualcomm (5) and others including Sun Microsystems, Occidental Petroleum, Chevron, Microsoft,  Aerospace Corporation,  and JPL.

The distance scholars earned M.S. degrees in a number of disciplines, including 83 Electrical Engineering degrees; 48 Systems Architecture; 41 Computer Science;  13 Management; 12 Mechanical;  9 Aerospace & Mechanical, 9 Astronautical, 7 Product Development; and 3 Industrial & Systems; plus others.

For 34 years, DEN has been a pioneer in distance learning, providing thousands of working professionals the opportunity to obtain their M.S. degrees in over 30 disciplines. DEN’s advanced technology allows students to view the same lectures conducted for on-campus students, transmit homework assignments, and interact with professors via chat capabilities, all from the comfort of their homes and offices. Currently, DEN has students from over 40 states, as well as from Canada and Korea, who are pursuing engineering graduate degrees online. DEN offers the widest selection of engineering graduate degrees – more than any other leading research university.  Please visit http://den.usc.edu