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Fifth USC CiSoft Conference Continues Research Momentum

Presentations, poster sessions, and a tribute to Chevron's Don Paul
Iraj Ershaghi
March 28, 2008 — The  5th annual Center for Interactive Smart Oilfield Technologies Forum was the fifth brilliant success in a row, according to participants from the Viterbi School and from Chevron, the lead company in the industry group that funds the effort.

Cisoft 1
Viterbi Dean Yannis Yortsos, left, with Chevron i-field program manager Mike Hauser
The March 24-28 event took place at the University of Southern California’s Davidson Conference Center and Galen Center with  185 participants bringing  Chevron’s i-field and Energy Technology Company members together with the USC’s faculty and students involved in CiSoft, a collaboration between USC and industry that is now entering its sixth year.. 

The forum was the perfect opportunity to present all the innovative technology and projects brought by both i-field and CiSoft and opened up the gates for more to come. Warner Williams, VP of San Joaquin Business Unit welcomed the forum participants with a taped message highlighting the importance of the i-field and CiSoft in technology leadership of Chevron.

Dean Yannis Yortsos from the USC Viterb School called CiSoft a role model for other private-industry university partnerships programs. He attributed its success to the leadership of CiSoft's Co-Executive Directors, Professor Iraj Ershaghi, Director of the Petroleum Engineering Program;  and Mike Hauser,  the i-field program manager at Chevron.

The major highlights were interactive poster sessions.  i-field set the bar high on Monday with posters and demonstrations that showcased the progress and solutions that their business units had achieved.  Wednesday was CiSoft’s shining 3 hours to flaunt what their research had accomplished over the past year.  Accompanying their posters, CiSoft’s exhibits also included a module, sensors, embedded processors, GPS displays, and an underwater networking demonstration. 

"But the real triumph was the interaction and exchanging of ideas between i-field and CiSoft members," said Ershaghi. "New challenges were set, and new contacts and fresh ideas were eagerly made."

The i-field and CiSoft Forum 2008 also included a tribute to CiSoft founder Don Paul, who will be resigning his title as Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Chevron Corporation this year.

According to Ershaghi, Paul's leadership has had a direct effect on the growth of CiSoft from roughly 20 USC faculty and student members in 2004 to 80 USC members in 2008.