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Langdon Wins Honors from Both European and Chinese Academies

Eminent AME expert on metals and materials recognized on two continents

June 12, 2008 — Terence G. Langdon, the William E. Leonhard Professor of Engineering in the Viterbi School Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, has won the 2008 Blaise Pascal Medal for Material Science from the European Academy of Sciences (EAS).

He also recently received an invitation to deliver next year's Lee Hsun Lecture at the Institute of Metal Research of the
Chinese Academy of Sciences
in Shenyang, China.

Named after the great 17th century French mathematician-physicist-philosopher, the EAS created the Pascal medal in 2003 to recognize “outstanding and demonstrated personal contribution to science and technology and the promotion of excellence in research and education,” according to its official description.
Terence Langdon and wife Mady with Pascal medal.

Langdon's citation noted his “outstanding achievements and pioneering research in the processing of ultrafine-grained metals by severe plastic deformation, [and]  fundamental investigations into the properties of materials processed by equal-channel angular pressing and, more recently, high-pressure torsion.”

Formed in 1999, EAS is a non-governmental, non-profit organization designed to bring together distinguished scholars, scientists and engineers performing cutting-edge research and technology development to benefit society.  Academy members are elected solely on their scientific merit and many are Nobel laureates.  Langdon also accepted an invitation to become a member of the European Academy of Sciences.

He received the medal at a ceremony held Nov. 7, 2008, at the Palace of the Academies in Brussels in conjunction with the General Assembly of the European Academy of Sciences. 

The Lee Hsun Awards honor "outstanding accomplishments by worldwide scientists in the fields of materials science and engineering … not only to reward distinguished performance by a scientist, but to promote cooperation and exchange of science and technology between the Institute of Metal Research and its Shenyang Academy for Materials Science."

Langdon will go to Shenyang in Spring, 2009 to deliver a lecture and receive his award.

He is the author of more than 500 published scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals with more than 300 different co-authors.  His publications have received over 17,000 citations.