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Boehm Wins Double Honor for Significant Software Contributions

1991 and 1996 publications judged to be exceptional 'Pioneering Ideas that Had an Impact'
Eric Mankin
January 12, 2009 —

IEEE Software journal celebrates its 25th birthday in 2009, and Barry Boehm added to his long list of honors with a double mention in the prestigious periodical's list of best publications in the field over the last quarter century.

Boehm’s 1991 paper “Software Risk Management: Principles and Practices,”  and his 1996 paper on “Anchoring the Software Process" were among those selected by a blue-ribbon panel of judges as among the best peer reviewed publications of the past 25 years.

The judges' list included papers in five categories. Both the Boehm articles were in the “P” category – “pioneering ideas that had an impact.”

The judges' conclusions came out of an exhaustive multi-step process described on the IEEE Software website in detail, that pulled possible contenders from a wide variety of sources, and then used a carefully objectified process to make a final list.

Boehm, Viterbi School TRW Professor of Software Engineering, and Co-director of the USC Center for Systems and Software Engineering is no stranger to honors and distinctions.  He has appointments both in the Department of Computer Science and the Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering.

Most recently, he was named director of research of the new Systems Engineering Research Center, an 18-member consortium lead by USC and Stevens Institute of Technology, the nation’s first University Affiliated Research Center focused on systems engineering.

Previous recognition includes

  • Papers presented on a special Barry Boehm track at the 19th Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training (CSEET) in Oahu, Hawaii in October, 2006 were published in a special issue of the Journal of Systems and Software. CSEET is the primary venue for software engineering education.
  • A dedicated symposium hosted by Northrop Grumman in Redondo Beach on "Lessons Learned and Recommendations from 40 Years in the Software Business: How to Prepare for the Upcoming Century."
  • A symposium and specially prepared festschrift paid tribute to Boehm’s achievements at the 29th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE).
  • Office of the Secretary of Defense Award for Excellence,
  • The ASQC Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • The Mellon Award for Excellence in Mentoring.

Boehm is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, a Fellow of the primary societies in computing (ACM), aerospace (AIAA), electronics (IEEE) and systems engineering (INCOSE)