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Computer Science Summer Interns Show Off Their Stuff

NSF-funded program serves up 10 weeks of intense campus software and hardware action.
Eric Mankin
August 26, 2009 —

The Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program supports active research participation by undergraduate students in any of the areas of research funded by the National Science Foundation, administered through the Viterbi School's Computer Science Department.

REU projects involve students in  in ongoing research programs or in research projects specifically designed for the REU program.

REU 02
REU-sers: Alexandra Lee, Danielle Bragg and Jiemin Zeng
The main objective of this REU site is to train undergraduate students in research methodology.

Professors Gaurav Suhkatme and Leana Golubchik were organizers of the 2009 REU activities. "This year we have a wonderful cohort of 14 students from different parts of the country."

The lineup included: (facutly mentors in bold face)

Danielle Bragg (Harvard)/Leana Golubchik "Improving QoS of VoD in Heterogeneous P2P Networks"

Brian Cheung (Cooper Union)/Bhaskar Krishnamachari "Bluetooth Integration in a Heterogeneous Sensor Network"

Kyle Heldman (Purdue)/Maja Mataric' "Post-Stroke Assistive Robotics"

Thananat Jitapunkul (MIT)/ Fei Sha "Non-negative Matrix Factorization and Its Extension"

Cecilia Jou (Swarthmore)/ Vy Vo (Swarthmore) (joint project)/ Francisco Valero-Cuevas  "A Motor Control Strategy to Animate a Cadaver Hand in Real Time"

Andrei Kamalov (University of Florida)/Gaurav Sukhatme "Network Communication in Robot Swarms"

Alexandra Jin-Bao Lee (Bryn Mawr)/Leana Golubchik "Sensor Networks and Anomaly Detection"

Jong Bin (David) Lee (CMU)/Ramesh Govindan "Cloud-enabled Face Recognition"

Andrew Ogden (USC)/Milind Tambe "Crowd Simulations"

Steven Pease (UCLA)/Gaurav Sukhatme "Power Monitoring for CINAPS Platforms"

Elaine Short (Yale)/Maja Mataric' "Kalman Filtering for Robot and Person Tracking From Overhead Camera"

Gregory Stoddard (SUNY Binghamton)/David Kempe "Competitive Influence Maximization"

Jiemin Zeng (University of North Carolina)/Sven Koenig "C-DPOP: An Adaption of DPOP that Allows for Continuous Values in DCOPs"

2009 REU research interns: Front row: Steven Pease, Andrei Kamalov, Thananat (Pat) Jitapunkul, Back row: Cecilia Jou, Elaine Short, Kyle Heldman, Brian Cheung, Andrew Ogden, Gregory Stoddard, Jiemin Zeng, , Vy Vo, Jong Bin (David) Lee, Alexandra Lee, Danielle Bragg