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Summit on the National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenges

Post-Meeting Follow-up: Background, Press Coverage, Documents, Images, Video, and Ongoing Developments
March 10, 2009 —

NAE Grand Challenges Summit a Smash Hit
Viterbi School Dean Yannis C. Yortsos delivers closing message of an exciting, profoundly stimulating conference co-sponsored by Duke, USC and the Olin College of Engineering.

Grand Challenges Summit Website
The March 2-3 Summit drew leading engineering, science, humanities and social science scholars from across the nation to articulate challenges and opportunities, including video coverage of sessions on Energy, Health, Entrepreneurship, Security, the Brain, and "Big Ideas."

National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenges Website
Dedicated to discussion of the 14 problems first made public in February, 2008. by NAE Presiident Charles Vest and colleagues.

"The Grand Challenge for Science and Math"
"Students may resist geek studies. But they'll flock in for the opportunity to change the world," Vivek Wadhwa reported in BusinessWeek, after observing all of the excitement that was sparked,despite sleet and wind.

Duke University National Survey Results
Full results of the newly released survey, conducted by Duke University, on American attitudes toward engineering and engineering challenges

The Grand Challenges at the University of Southern California
An area-by-area wrap-up of ongoing research in the challenge areas by faculty members of the USC Viterbi School of Engineering

The NAE Grand Challenge Icosahedron
This polyhedron is ready to download and fold up! One National Academy of Engineering, three schools, 14 challenges, one summit times two.

Images from the NAE Grand Challenge Summit
A slide show presenting speakers, students, and participants at the two-day event.

BME Senior Farzana Ansari Wins Prize
Her written/video presentation on the challenges of supplying clean water to poor places won 3rd place and a $5,000 prize in a Summit student competition.

000609_grand_challenge_thumbnails Viterbi Undergraduates Win in All Four Student Competitions
Viterbi students successfully compete in video/essay, poster, design and trivia contests at the Grand Challenges Summit.

New Visions for Engineering

""Somebody still needs to figure out how to produce more efficient batteries, cars and solar panels, argues Pratt School Dean Tom Katsouleas, formerly of the Viterbi School, in the Raleigh-Durham News & Observer:  "Technical experts also have an essential role to play in making our industries more competitive, bridges more durable, medicines more effective and troops better able to fight wars."