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USC Viterbi School Announces New M.S. Degree Program in Green Technologies

Interdisciplinary curriculum will span multiple departments

July 10, 2009 —

Beginning this fall the Viterbi School will offer a Master of Science program in Green Technologies both for on-campus students and for students on its Distance Education Network (DEN)

“Students pursuing the M.S. in Green Technologies will learn to help combat the global challenges of sustainability, pollution, and climate control,” said Kelly Goulis, Viterbi School Associate Dean for Master’s and Professional Programs. “Engineers employed or wishing to be employed in a variety of industries will find immense value in this M.S. program.”

Green technologies are concerned with intelligent engineering solutions to the increased global energy demand, improved energy efficiency in commercial and consumer products, minimized footprint of energy usage, and smartly engineered industrial ecology for sustainability.

The MS  in Green Technologies at the Viterbi School of Engineering will bring to bear expertise in conventional and  alternative energy, energy conversion and  energy distribution. The program, like many in the Viterbi School, are highly interdisciplinary, using faculty  from a number of disciplines, including  information technology/computer science, and material science departments, along with teaching and curriculum input from USC College science departments.

Students have the option of earning the degree on the campus or via distance education.  “Engineers who are already employed full-time can take advantage of our innovative online delivery system and earn their degree without disrupting their career,” said Goulis.
About the Viterbi Master’s and Professional Programs:

In 2006, the Viterbi School created a new division of Master’s and Professional Programs, making the continuing education of engineering professionals a top priority. This division’s is responsible for the implementation of Master of Science programs, short courses, specialized  custom courses and, certificate programs. More information is available on the division homepage at http://viterbi.usc.edu/admission/graduate/mapp/