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Seniors Strut Their Research Stuff at 2nd KIEUL Design Expo

Nineteen teams from five departments demo projects from pea shooters to lie detectors
Eric Mankin
May 03, 2010 —

The Klein Institute for Undergraduate Engineering Life engages undergrads at all levels in a variety of programs, including showcasing senior projects created during the senior capstone class.

KIUEL Programming Committee: from left: Kate Baxter (staff - Director), LJ Ho (student), Marianna Kolonelos-Wright (staff - Assistant Director), Molly Simon (student), Elea Grotter (staff - Graduate Assistant) and Ken Diedrich (student). To view a slide show, click on the image.
Participating capstone classes this year were AME 441, BME 405, CE 480, CSCI 477, and EE 459. The research spanned a wide gamut from interactive memory games ("Tommy Says") to building designs ("2 Buildings and a Bridge") to computer feedback for people working out ("Osteoporesist Prevention Exercise Monitor) to automatic materials sorters for recycling ("The Fifth Element") and to a steering wheel that sends real time health information to patients doctors ("Sensible Steering")

The KIEUL Senior Design Expo is an opportunity to present these projects to the larger Viterbi community, and to celebrate student accomplishments.

“This program is a great way to celebrate the seniors' hard work and the culmination of their academic experience at Viterbi," said Kate Baxter,  Director, Student Support Programs and Women in Engineering, and KIEUL program coordinator."There were more teams and more attendees this year than last year and we hope the momentum continues to grow in the years to come.”

A panel including Viterbi faculty members John O’Brien and Andrea Hodge, and Industry Advisory Board members Shawn Murphy and Linton Honda judged the 19 project presentations.

Click on the image to view pdf file of program
The winners were:

1st Place: The Fifth Element, by Andrew Newman-Dilfer and Justin Crawford (AME 441)

2nd Place: Increasing Independence Through Mobility, by Ryan Romanowski, Alex Lee, Julian Verge de Dios, Brandon Angelo, Chris Gordon, Tim Zimmer, Joanna Zeta, and Alec Patino (CSCI 477)

3rd Place: FanWing, by Geoff Larson and Douglas Rieck (AME 441)

Additionally, a vote of visitors gave the popular prize to Independent Tasking Tool for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, by Jordan Brown, Phillip Ho, Patrick Foley, John Baldo, Clem Bradley, Kris Tai, and Jeffrey Chan. (CSCI 477)