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USC Viterbi's First Ever Asia Board Kicks-Off Inaugural Meeting

New body tasked with threefold mission: advise, advocate and support Viterbi efforts in China and East Asia
By: James Hansen
October 22, 2012 —
Dean Yortsos alongside the newly formed USC Viterbi Board for East Asia and China
USC Viterbi Board for East Asia and China - inaugural meeting and dinner

On Friday, October 12, 2012, the newly formed USC Viterbi Board for China and East Asia held its inaugural meeting at the Tsinghua Science Park Qidi Club in Beijing.

The board, chaired by Feng Deng, founder of Northern Light Venture Capital, includes as ex-officio members USC Trustees Y.H. Cho, chairman of Korean Airlines, Chengyu Fu, chairman of Sinopec, and Ming Hsieh, president of Cogent. Dr. Simon Cao, founder of Arasor and an entrepreneur based in Taiwan and the U.S., Leo Chu, member of the USC Viterbi Board of Councilors, Kenneth Koo, chairman of Tai Chong Cheang Steamship Company and Jeff Zhao, president of Power Holdings Limited, completed this first-ever advisory board for the Viterbi School in China and East Asia.

Dean Yannis C. Yortsos reported on the state of the school and explained the vision and mission of the board. Professor Joe Qin, vice dean for academic initiatives, in China and East Asia, presented on “Globalization Activities and Opportunities in China and East Asia”, while Stella Li, the Viterbi representative in Beijing, explained the functions of her office. The gathering, in addition, was ably assisted by Ray Xu of the Viterbi Office in Shanghai.

In forming the board, Dean Yortsos articulated its mission to be threefold: advise the dean on matters related to the school in the region; serve as advocate and ambassador for the school in the region; and support USC Viterbi in its development efforts among its constituencies. The board will work to strengthen the relationship of the school with alumni, parents, friends and corporations in China and East Asia and will serve as a key platform for establishing close relationships between USC Viterbi and local constituencies.

The inaugural meeting was followed by a reception and formal dinner, sponsored by Bayeco. The dinner was also attended by USC alums Alex Xu, chairman of Greentree Inns and Kevin Wei, CEO of Bayeco, as well as by Bill Huang, director of research of China Mobile, Dr. H. C. Lau, of Shell, Yao Jun, deputy general manager of CNOOC, President Tianwei Tan of the Beijing University of Chemical Technology, along with friends and guests from China’s Ministry of Science and Technology, China’s Scholarship Council, Peking University, Beijing Jiao Tong University and the University of Petroleum in Beijing.